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Choco Chamomile tea blend

Choco Chamomile tea blend

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This chocolate chamomile tea blend is smooth and calming. Since Cacao hulls are caffeine-free they are the perfect partner for chamomile. Chamomile is known for its natural relaxing and sedative properties. Add this blend to your self-care routine as an excellent way to bring your mind body and soul back into balance especially if you are ready to greet a good night’s slumber.

Directions: 5 minutes to steep is 5 minutes to breathe. Allow to cool just a bit and enjoy being in the moment. Enjoy anytime you need to bring balance to your life.

Emotional activation: 1-5 (1 calming - 5 energizing)

Suggested meditation:
Relax the mind

Certified Organic by OTCO
Kosher-style certified by KSA
Fair-trade Certified

Ingredients: organic cacao hulls, organic chamomile flowers

1 oz