About the Founder

My name is Glory-Anne Jones and I am 100% here for self-care. If it was possible, I would be 200% here for all things chocolate. Beyond that, let me tell you a bit about myself and how I came to this juncture in my life.

I feel that my path has taken me on a roundabout journey to this space and time...this enclosure...a place holder, if you will...for Chocolate is Self-Care. I needed to go through a wide variety of experiences to amass the raw data to that I have assembled into Chocolate is Self-Care. I believe the universe whispers directions into the minds of those who are open to hearing its suggestions. I followed the path and here I am. As a result, Chocolate is Self-Care was born from two major aspects of myself that came together and then, ta-da!

In my day job, I work with women* and women entrepreneurs to create an escape route from the cycle of self-sabotage. I help women to let themselves go; to grab their crowns and put ‘em on their heads. (That's not my official one-liner but it feels good here.) Sometimes these ladies need help adjusting the crown, too. I'm here for that, as well. 

My fun 'do things that light me up' side is all about creating. Creation for me encompasses painting, dancing, mixing, making, and baking. I was/am all of these things: baker of cheesecakes, maker of crystal jewelry, creator of aromatic blends. I'm a hands-on, ‘many pieces shaping into one’  kind of person. (I'm curiously not a fan of puzzles.)

Chocolate is Self-Care is a delicious blend of work and play. I've found my balance here. I hope you will too.

*I am she/her and a friend to all.  Feminine energy is what I know best. Everyone has this energy type within them. If you're ready to unleash it--regardless of your gender identity...I'm in!