Chocolate teas and goals

I started the chocolate tea business in response to the #1 complaint my life coaching clients would tell me.

First, let me explain what I asked for…I asked that they set aside 30 minutes to be in a space of quiet reflection. What happens in that time is nothing short of miraculous, if you commit to carving out that time. One of the assignments that my clients would get is to make a list of goals in that 30 minutes. 

So, here is the problem, they didn’t have that time. They would tell me so-in-so need this from me, my work gave me extra assignments, I couldn’t say “no” to so-in-so… That left my clients with zero time to imagine, create, and/or dream about the life they wanted, needed, and deserved to live. 

Here me out

It takes a few minutes to boil water for tea on the stove top. It’s even faster in the microwave (but remember we are looking to stretch time.) Depending on how you prefer your tea, you get another 5-8 minutes for it to steep. Give it another minute or so to cool down a bit more before you drink. Let’s add that up…I think we are around the 11-15 minute mark. Now drink it slowly, intentionally for the next 15 or so minutes. 

BAM! There you go! Your 30 minutes to do one of the most important tasks, creating your goals list. This is an important beginning step because you can map out where you are going! 

I should mention it’s imperative to do this with chocolate tea and not coffee. When we choose to drink coffee it’s to go, go, go. With tea, we already have an image of relaxing and rewarding. Tea is the way to go, chocolate tea makes it even yummier. (Check out the blog on the benefits.)

Here are some things to consider when writing your goal AND how to stick with them. Read them while you enjoy your chocolate tea. :)

How are you at setting goals and sticking to them?

Many people like to set goals, both big and small, that become more like distant dreams they never achieve. Why is that? It is not for lack of willpower or passion, but typically because of not having a plan and failing to set goals the right way.

Your Goals Aren’t Specific and Detailed

If you just have a few random notes about your goals, but not a very specific goal you are trying to reach, it is going to make it very difficult to know what needs to be done, and even know when you have made progress. For example, if your goal is “to save money”, how do you even know when you have saved enough, where do you cut spending, how do you track your progress? This makes it really difficult. Instead, think of what you are saving money for and how much you need. That is going to help you determine the right steps for saving that amount of money.

You Keep Trying to Set Too Many Goals and Get Overwhelmed

Try to set a minimal number of goals, preferably ones that are related to each other. There is no magic number here, but starting with 1-3 major goals is a good place to start. If you try to set 7-10 goals at once, even though that is more what your mind is on, it is really hard to focus on them. This is a common mistake people make when wanting to improve their life, then quickly realize it is overwhelming and face burnout. Then what happens is nothing gets done. 

You Aren’t Writing Down Tasks or Tracking Your Progress

A big part of setting goals is coming up with the tasks that need to be done in order to achieve those goals, and then completing the tasks so you know what your progress is. Make sure you have a planner, journal, or printables that let you write down what tasks need to be done in order to achieve each goal. Be as specific as possible here, writing down the name of the task, what you need for that task, when it should be completed, and any other details that are relevant.

You Aren’t Being Realistic with the Schedule or Goals

While it is good to be specific with your goals and the tasks, you have to also be realistic. Keep in mind how much time you have, and what you can actually get done. If you find that you keep falling behind, then you might need to revisit your goal and see if it is realistic at this point in your life.

Final notes

Once a week I have my clients sit and use one of their 30 minutes to review their goals and make adjustments as needed. Making chocolate tea becomes part of the ritual of self-care as it creates the time you need to thoughtfully consider where you want to be in life. 

Sip with intention,


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