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The Confidence Club

The Confidence Club

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Does stepping out of your comfort zone create an avalanche of fearful thoughts? 

Do you struggle against the crushing weight of self-sabotage, poor self-worth, and lack of confidence? (Sis, that's a lot. I understand. It will be OK.)

Does anxiety creep in at the worst times or even all the time?


​1. A new subconscious-restoration hypnosis recording each month (30 minutes)
2. Once a week, live, group coaching on Zoom link (1 hour, join live or watch in replay)
3. Daily restoration prompts via text message
4. Weekly self-care guided meditation recording (15 minutes)
5. Journal prompts (only if you want to do them)

​You’ll get mindset tools and hypnosis training that will help you remodel your mind for success.

​It's time to own who you are. Time to stand out and own your power. Be at ease with yourself.